Tips for Remaining a Healthy, Happy Family During Self-Isolation

Guest Blogger: Emma Grace Brown

January 2021

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Being huddled up indoors with your closest family members may sound like a cozy idea at first. But when you've been doing it for months on end, it can get old really fast. In no time, tensions can rise and stress can begin to overwhelm even the most patient among you. If you are a self-isolating household, it’s essential that you take steps to stay healthy and well, as well as foster your relationships with one another. Here are a few practical tips to help you do just that:

Practice mindfulness.

Practicing mindfulness is a great way to slow your busy life down for a moment, connect with your inner self, and reduce stress. But mindfulness isn’t just for the self; it’s also something that can do wonders for keeping families happy.

Be intentional about listening to one another with curiosity, showing gratitude, and supporting each other in your goals and struggles. Remember that no one is perfect, and be quick to forgive. Simple (though sometimes challenging) practices like these can help each of your family members thrive in everyday life. If you are interested in helping your little ones learn to build mindfulness skills, you can find a variety of classes offered by Meditot.

Create a clean and positive environment.

The environment in which your household lives makes a big difference. If you notice lots of negativity in your relationships, complaining, criticism, and other signs of an unhealthy environment, it’s essential to take steps toward a remedy. By simply decluttering your home, maintaining cleanliness, and improving your indoor air quality, you can transform your home into a vibrant and stress-free environment.

Get outside together.

Nature deficit disorder refers to the harm that can come from not spending enough time outdoors. Not only can being cooped up inside lead to various issues with your physical health, but it can also lead to severe stress and anxiety. And it can happen to both children and adults.

Getting outdoors together as a family can do wonders for helping each family member thrive in your daily lives. And there are tons of things you can do outside, even when you are self-isolating. For example, you could boost the safety of your backyard, enjoy various backyard games, or build a playground for the kiddos. You could also spend time together at a local park, take a day trip to the nearest beach, or plan a weekend getaway for camping and hiking.

Plan fun, home-based activities for the family.

As important as it is to do outdoor activities together, you will also want to have a plan for how you can spend quality family time inside your home. Not only should your goal be to keep everyone entertained, but also to connect with one another. Activities like playing board games, solving puzzles, making crafts, and cooking meals are fun ways to pass the time, and they provide ample opportunity for family members to have meaningful conversations. These activities are wonderful ways to foster much-needed personal connections with our loved ones in our increasingly-digital world.

In order for your family to come out of self-isolation with your health and well-being intact, you must be intentional about reducing stress and alleviating tension. Remember to prioritize mindfulness with one another, and try to maintain a clean living space. Also, spend quality time together outdoors as well as in your home. Putting these tips into practice will help you and your loved ones come out of this pandemic stronger and happier than ever.

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