I Choose Calm:

Inspirational Mantras and Practical Mindfulness Exercises for Parents

As parents, we hope that our children will be mindful in their everyday lives, yet we don't always have a mindfulness regimen of our own to keep us grounded and to provide a positive example for our family. This book is a tool for parents to find inspiration in simple activities and begin to build a daily regimen that will enable us to venture into the present moment, to experience the joy of parenthood, and to mindfully manage the stress that can accompany the joy. (And, for those parents who are interested in helping their children begin a mindfulness routine of their own, the first and most important step is to lead by example. This book is a great place to start.)


Each chapter unlocks a positive mantra that can help all parents —future, new, experienced, single, foster, and even animal parents— to use the power of mindfulness to find peace and acceptance in what can prove to be the most challenging yet rewarding role life can offer. Each mantra includes a “Mindful Moment” exercise, which provides a step-by-step guide to create lasting habits for parents. Mindfulness can bring us into a calm and present state, enabling us to truly experience all the beauty that parenthood has to offer. Being present is a conscious choice, which means when times get tough, we can remain in control, creating a more joyful, loving, and peaceful life for us and our children.

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