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academy approach

Meditot offers an academy approach to teaching children meditation and mindfulness, which introduces foundational skills in the first class and builds on those skills in subsequent classes. Each class provides instruction in conscious breathing techniques, mindfulness activities or mindful movement (basic yoga), and guided meditation, and classes wrap up with a discussion or craft activity as an opportunity for students to share what they learned.

To help children build the emotional intelligence skills, or "superpowers",  that reinforce the meditation and mindfulness practice, each class focuses on an emotional intelligence-related theme, such as kindness. The first series of classes, making up the Level 1 curriculum, focuses on simple themes, as listed below.  A certificate of achievement to "Junior Meditator" status is awarded once Level 1 classes are completed. Level 2 themes are more complex and build on the concepts from Level 1. Once Level 2 is completed, a "Mindful Meditator" certificate of achievement is awarded. Level 3 concepts build on both Level 1 and Level 2, and upon completion, a "Master Meditator" certificate is awarded. 


Week 1: Stillness

Week 2: Peace

Week 3: Love

Week 4: Gratitude

Level 1

"Junior Meditator"

Level 2

"Mindful Meditator"

Level 3

"Master Meditator"


Week 1: Kindness

Week 2: Compassion

Week 3: Empathy

Week 4: Respect


Week 1: Honesty

Week 2: Forgiveness

Week 3: Authenticity

Week 4: Confidence

class offerings & pricing*

Individual Child Offerings

Single Session

Focus on One Level 1 Theme

(30-45 min)


(20% off for virtual private classes)

Academy Package

Four Weekly Themed Classes

(30-45 min each)



(20% off for virtual private classes)

Group Offerings

Single Session

Focus on One Level 1 Theme

(45-60 min)

For 6 to 12 students

Level 1: $18 per student

Level 2: $22 per student

Academy Package

Four Weekly Themed Classes

(45-60 min each)


For 6 to 12 students

Level 1: $15 per student per class

Level 2: $18 per student per class

Other Offerings

Speaker Giving a Talk at Business Meetin



Contact for Pricing

One-hour presentation, includes presentation, discussion, and activities designed to introduce concepts of mindfulness and meditation, the impact on children, and the basic techniques

Parent Consultation and Customized Program Development


This is for children who are not able to schedule an individual or group session but would benefit from a mindfulness and meditation plan to practice with parents at home. The 15-minute phone consultation provides background for a customized plan to be emailed for parent/child use at home

*Payment is accepted using cash, check made payable to "Meditot", or by PayPal (PayPal.Me/meditot). Please note: $0.54 per mile   charge will be applied for any session located >10 miles from Highlands Square in Denver.


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