Angela Wolf, Founder & Meditation Guide

My journey into mindfulness began in 2007 when I started practicing yoga. During vinyasa yoga classes, I found opportunities to focus, relax, and bring awareness to my body. It wasn't long before I could see the transformational effects of mindfulness on my life. I had been suffering from anxiety for years and had finally found a way to improve my perspective about life by returning to the present moment. Through that present-moment mindfulness, I was able to manage the stress that my body was holding. Soon I became a "yogi" of sorts, making time for class several times a week and practicing at home.

Fast forward to 2016, and I found myself working extremely long hours and not taking care of my health. I was not happy and not meeting my personal or professional goals. So, I reset my intention to change my life and started meditating every day. Soon, I was able to tap into my intuition like never before, and I began following my own inner guidance to take a sabbatical, get my certification to teach yoga, move to Denver, and then pursue my dream to start an impactful wellness-related business. Because of those decisions, my health is back in order, I am now in a happy relationship, and I have fulfilled my lifelong dream to become a mother.

Once I became a mom, I vowed to teach my son to find love and validation within himself, to learn how to manage his emotions (good, bad, and ugly!), and to follow his own inner guidance first and foremost. It was then that I realized that many children could benefit from this type of mindfulness education. How incredible would it be to give children the tools to help themselves through rough times and truly find self love rather than them having to seek those tools two or three decades down the road like many of us had to do? With that in mind, I went back to school to learn how to teach meditation to children while also deepening my own meditation practice through learning to teach adults meditation. And from those seeds, Meditot sprouted. [Learn more about my story here].

Fast facts about me:

  • Proud mama

  • Grateful daughter and friend

  • Identical twin

  • Avid meditator

  • Playful yogi

  • Spirituality enthusiast

  • Chess player

  • Animal lover

  • Novice hiker

  • Former workaholic


  • Certified Professional Kids Meditation Teacher; Connected Kids International Program

  • Certified Meditation Instructor; University of Holistic Theology (in progress)

  • Certified Yoga Teacher, Routes of Yoga International Program

  • Accreditation, International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT #1907161164)

  • Adult and Pediatric CPR, AED, and Standard First Aid; American Red Cross

  • 15 years experience in healthcare sales, marketing, and consulting

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